iPlayer GBA Emulator version 1.0

How to use:
1 - Make sure the firmware and OS of your iPlayer is the latest version
2 - Copy the whole GBADSi /plugins/ folder into iPlayer's /_system/ folder

3 - Copy any GBA ROMs you have in to the /_system/plugins/NDSGBA/gamepak/


Nw you can run the Gameboy Advance emulator from HOMEBREW menu of the DS iPlayer!


- Video & Audio

Graphic size: Original Gameboy Advance size without stretching
Game fast forward: default is off. The frame skip level will be set into 9 when you turn on it, then you can play games with the fastest speed
Frame skip type: default is auto, you can set it into Manual, then you can set the frame skip level
Frame skip level: the higher level the faster game speed
Sound switch: switch on/off the sound


- Save State

Write GBA Save Game state: limited to 32 save game slots
Read game state: read saves with the game screenshots and date


- GBA Cheats

Supports the use of Pro Action Replay/Gameshark cheat codes.
Put the cheat files inside the /plugins/NDSGBA/Gamecht/ directory.


- Emulator Tools

Screen snapshot:
Save the pics as .png format into /plugins/NDSGBA/Gamepic/
Supports auto display pics for SaveGames


- Others

Supports Auto standby
Supports Chinese and English interface languages

It is suggested to format your microSD card with FAT formatting, because with it the file read speeds are faster

gbadsi menu

gba on dsi zelda

The things You need:

Here is a checklist of the things you need in order to play GBA games on Nintendo DSi. Micro SD card is needed to hold the GBA rom files, and you must have a DS iPlayer (or DSTWO) adapter with the built in processor and extra memory for the emulator to work. Plane R4 card will not do :(
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  • Nintendo DSi
  • or old NDS Phat
  • or DS Lite or DSi XL
  • iPlayer flash card

Console Compatibility »

Flash Card

  • microSD card
  • SD card writer for PC
  • DS iPlayer adapter
  • some GBA Roms

DSi Flash Cards »


  • Homebrew Emulator Hardware

  • Buy DS iPlayer
  • iPlayer for Nintendo DSi will let you play Video and Audio files of all formats on the DS without any converting on the PC, but more importantly it enables you to run homebrew and GBADSi emulator!
  • UPDAT: SuperCard has heard our complaints about the lack of NDS ROM support and has released a new DSi and 3DS compatible R4 card called SuperCard DSTWO that includes all the media palyer and emulator features of the iPlayer + plus it can play DS ROMs saving you big $ on games.

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  • Finaly there is another NEW DS flash card that can run the GBA DSi emulator - DSTWO SuperCard
    - can play NDS ROMs
    - compatible with GBA emulator
    - does NOT play DivX at this time
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  • Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: Can DSi run Game Boy Color roms, or only GBA roms?
A: Yes, You can paly GB and GBC roms on DSi with iPlayer. Just place GBC-on-DSi emulator in SD card...

Also there are NES, SNES and even SEGA emulators for DSi.

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