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UPDATED: SuperCard DSTWO has all the emulators and media player features of the iPlayer built in + it can play Nintendo DS ROMs so saving you big $ on buying games.

Extra built-in memory and processors:

DSi iPlaeyr SRAM memory

4 Banks
166 MHz
3.3 V


DSi iPlayer FLASH memory


T5124K x8CMOS Multi-Purpose Flash (MPF) manufactured with, high performance CMOS SuperFlash technology. The split-gate cell design and thick-oxide tunneling injector attain better reliability. The SST39VF040 device writes (Program or Erase) with a 2.7-3.6V power supply and conforms to JEDEC standard pinouts for x8 memories.



AML3405 VQ 100 "System on a Chip"

General Description
ProASIC3, the third-generation family of Flash FPGAs, offers performance, density, and features beyond those of the ProASICPLUS® family. The nonvolatile Flash technology gives ProASIC3 devices the advantage of being a secure, low-power, single-chip solution that is live at power-up. ProASIC3 is reprogrammable and offers time-to-market benefits at an ASIC-level unit cost. These features enable designers to create high-density systems using existing ASIC or FPGA design flows and tools. ProASIC3 devices offer 1 kbit of on-chip, user nonvolatile FlashROM (FROM) memory storage as well as clock conditioning circuitry based on an integrated phase- locked loop (PLL). The A3P030 device has no PLL or RAM support. ProASIC3 devices have up to 1 million system gates, supported with up to 144 kbits of true dual-port SRAM and up to 288 user I/Os.

2nd Processor / CPU

iPlayer CPU processor


DSi iPlayer $34.56 USD

There is another "mystery" chip on the other sied of the plc board for which all markings and serial numbers are grined off. I suspect that it is the main processor, that the manufacturer wants to keep a secret from competition for as lomg as possible.

There are other manufacturere who claim to be working on the same technology, and promiss to bring a Media Player card that will also play commercial NDS ROMS, but we have to wait and see if GBA-DSi emulator will be compatible with it or not.

For now NONE of the regular microSD adapter cards (R4 DS, R4i, AK2i, SuperCard ONE, DSTT) that do not have any of this extra memory or processing power built into the card can use the extra features and GAMEBOY Advance emulator that iPlayer has.



The things You need:

Here is a checklist of the things you need in order to play GBA games on Nintendo DSi. Micro SD card is needed to hold the GBA rom files, and you must have a DS iPlayer (or DSTWO) adapter with the built in processor and extra memory for the emulator to work. Plane R4 card will not do :(
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  • Nintendo DSi
  • or old NDS Phat
  • or DS Lite or DSi XL
  • iPlayer flash card

Console Compatibility »

Flash Card

  • microSD card
  • SD card writer for PC
  • DS iPlayer adapter
  • some GBA Roms

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  • Homebrew Emulator Hardware

  • Buy DS iPlayer
  • iPlayer for Nintendo DSi will let you play Video and Audio files of all formats on the DS without any converting on the PC, but more importantly it enables you to run homebrew and GBADSi emulator!
  • UPDAT: SuperCard has heard our complaints about the lack of NDS ROM support and has released a new DSi and 3DS compatible R4 card called SuperCard DSTWO that includes all the media palyer and emulator features of the iPlayer + plus it can play DS ROMs saving you big $ on games.

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  • Buy SuperCard iPlayer »
  • Finaly there is another NEW DS flash card that can run the GBA DSi emulator - DSTWO SuperCard
    - can play NDS ROMs
    - compatible with GBA emulator
    - does NOT play DivX at this time
  • Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: Can DSi run Game Boy Color roms, or only GBA roms?
A: Yes, You can paly GB and GBC roms on DSi with iPlayer. Just place GBC-on-DSi emulator in SD card...

Also there are NES, SNES and even SEGA emulators for DSi.

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